Sound of Harris - Outer Hebrides - Scotland

Hebridean, or St Kilda, sheep are descended from an ancient breed which almost became extinct in Britain during the nineteenth century.


The flock on Boreray are completely at home in this unpolluted environment, and thrive on the island's fertile, sandy soil. They are small, fine-boned animals that are increasingly valued for land conservation as well as for their low-fat mutton and hardwearing wool.


The fleeces are not actually black, but range from very dark brown to grey.

The wool from Boreray sheep is now being exclusively processed by a Lancashire designer; a full range of knitwear is available

Knitting wools can also be purchased.


Moorland Path

For full information on Hebridean wool from Boreray, as well as many other luxury wool products from other traditional breeds, visit the Makepiece website.